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Radon Maxillofacial Diagnostics

Cone Beam CT Interpretation Services

Welcome! to Radon Maxillofacial Diagnostics website, where we provide quality CBCT interpretation services and Reporting services for maxillofacial radiographs that help dental practitioners provide the highest quality care for their patients. Take a look around and explore the various services we offer, and the samples of our work.

Dedicated online reporting service for Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Imaging, and various Dental imaging studies. Our dental radiology reports focus on the best diagnostic interpretation of your clinical concerns.

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Consultant Maxillofacial Radiologist

Dr Chandan Dolare

Dr Chandan  completed his graduation from Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai in 2008 and his Post-graduate degree in Oral Medicine and Radiology from YMT Dental College and Hospital, Kharghar in 2013. During the post-graduate program he conducted studies related to interpretation of dental and extra-oral radiographs with the intent to retrieve maximum diagnostic information from basic radiographic examinations. He focused his dissertation on the Clinical applications of Cone beam Computed Tomography in Dentistry. 
Since 2014, he has been reporting for dental practitioners in Mumbai, Thane and Panvel. - get in touch to experience our reporting services today.


Regarding the case (study) submitted, we request you to clearly mention the study purpose(s)  along with relevant clinical notes.  Radon Maxillofacial Diagnostics has developed specific diagnostic objectives for each clinical purpose that will be addressed by the radiologist.  This ensures that the report is relevant to your diagnosis and treatment planning.

Reporting Services

  • Alveolar bone assessment for implant placement and planning. 

  • Endodontic assessment

  • Interpretation of cyst, tumor and other abnormalities in the maxillofacial region.

  • Interpretation of fractures of the maxillofacial region                               

          Submit a Cone beam CT, Panoramic (OPG), or Dental radiographic image for interpretation. It is our keen intent to continue to provide quality reports in a timely manner that are tailored to the specific needs of our referring dental practitioners and their patients.

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Reporting Process

The interpretation services are customized to meet the specific needs of each case. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process. Contact us to find out how we can help today. Cone Beam CT volume examinations can be uploaded to our secure website with the click of a mouse. Web or Internet access, is all that is required to fully utilize our services. We accept DICOM files through our secure Cloud drive and provide the corresponding report through the same portal or at your desired email address provided.

Reports are delivered within 12-24 hours of study (DICOM) upload and order confirmation.

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Sample cases

Endodontic survey


A case of mandibular left second molar with multiple  canal spaces in the mesial and distal roots and showing periapical abscess with sclerosing osteitis is reported.

Pre-implant survey

potential implant planning-radon_edited_

A case of pre-implant survey for maxillary right second molar  is reported.

Impacted 3rd molar survey

3rd molars_edited.jpg

A case of impacted, mandibular 3rd molars and TMJ survey is reported

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100 feet road, Shriram complex, near Saket College, Kalyan (East). District - Thane, Maharashtra. 

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